Zafira Shulud


Zafira Shulud is a traveler from the Kharha Desert on the Isle of Anhak. She claims to be in Scandshar on some manner of mystical mission, searching for a woman named Dhavita.

Strangely, her lips are cracked and swollen, apparently marred by some manner of ophidian affliction.

Khuna revealed that she is, in fact, Dhavita; Zafira explained that her priests indicated this Dhavita must stay alive, but that she is ill — albeit asymptomatic — and must have an appendectomy.

Zafira successfully performed Khuna’s appendectomy, and also attempted the raise dead ritual on Ashraf’s corpse. When the latter was unsuccessful, Southie, suspecting treachery, slew Zafira and her bodyguards.

Khuna insisted that Croitus use the raise dead ritual upon her. She revived successfully, but angrily — she subsequently left for parts unknown.

Zafira again contacted Khuna in Duchy Jepson, this time using magic to do so at a distance. She told Khuna that her friends would cause some manner of catastrophe, and that she must come to rescue Khuna. Khuna, however, suspecting some duplicity, refused to divulge her location.

The Scandshar Six later learned that Zafira was hanged for her alleged collusion with the Scandshar Six. They found her in the House of Black Lanterns in the Shadowfell. Southie tried to hire her, but she eventually tried to kill Dhavita and was summarily slain.

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Zafira Shulud

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