Yavanna, also known as “Strawberry” or “Doxy Engis” to her clients, is a prostitute in Duchy Jepson. Southie hired her services for Manny as a “continuing education” initiative for Freedom Unlimited, Ltd. Despite the general awkwardness of that encounter, it clearly sparked something, as Yavanna met Southie and company again when she heard of Freedom Unlimited, Ltd.‘s initial public stock offering; she invested in 200 shares. (Although having a limited knowledge of the organization’s plans, her thought was that they are likely skilled and mad enough to complete their goals.) Proving herself a finance-savvy negotiator, Southie asked if she would be willing to manage his nascent stock exchange and auction house, the DASH. She agreed.

Time will tell whether that was a wise decision.

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

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