Chronicles of Khaldun: Bread and Circuses

Session 23

Earthday, Harvester 20, 552 CY (50 AN)

Croitus, Khuna, Nobody, Resh, Southie, and Vianibrar continue discussions regarding future plans. Marguerite and Sati remain, but say little. After further discussion, Nobody reveals her weariness of protracted fighting; she wishes to be done with it. She hopes now only to find her people. Southie takes this very personally, again reiterating that he thought they were a warband, but they evidently are not. The others indicate that they wish to help her find her people, as they owe her that much; Southie argues that since she will not help the abolitionist cause, they owe her nothing. Vianibrar, indicating they appear to have more to discuss, takes his leave. The argument finally ends with the apparent consensus that Croitus, Khuna, and Resh will assist Nobody in the search for her people, traveling to Vonseloth to the west, while Marguerite and Sati will remain in Duchy Jepson. Upset by this turn of events, Southie sulks and drinks in the inn while the others go their separate ways. Croitus goes to rest by the riverbed while Resh returns to the Wizard’s Tower to sleep. Nobody goes to find Vianibrar, who is presently speaking with Darstina; Nobody learns that Darstina will likely return to Scandshar on the morrow on some errand. Vianibrar expects The Pentad will take the refugees back to their homelands tomorrow as well. Khuna spends some time with Margot while Sati goes to see if the refugees need any further assistance.

After drinking a little, Southie leaves to see if he can purchase a mount. While initially looking for horses, he does find a dire boar for sale that seems serviceable. He purchases the beast, along with barding and stabling for the night. While he is waiting, he is approached by a disheveled, grimy tiefling. His head is shaved and his horns have been filed down to the skull. He indicates that Southie has questions, questions that can be answered by the Terrible Old Man. Such as how to kill the gods. This interests Southie, who inquires about Godenschemering; the nameless tiefling replies that it may be found in the mind of an orphan boy, far across the ocean. The tiefling further indicates the Terrible Old Man lives in the Black Moor swamp to the north. Southie notes that this sounds suspiciously like a trap, but the somewhat deranged tiefling insists it is no trap. Southie says he’ll kill him should he find it to be otherwise, but deciding to let him go, he gives the tiefling a gold piece for his trouble. The seemingly confused tiefling swallows the coin; Southie grabs him and tries to shake it out of him to retrieve it, but finally allows him to leave in disgust.

The group rests for the remainder of the day. Having the opportunity to do so, Dhavita explains what Marguerite saw earlier, regarding her need for blood; she explains what little she knows of her vampiric heritage. The next morning, Freeday, Harvester 21, Dhavita and Margot are awakened by a single, firm pound on the door. Marguerite and she discuss matters for a moment before Khuna quickly dresses and answers the door. There is a note on the outside of the door, pinned to it with a standard-issue Scandshar Watch dagger. Scrawled in Southie’s hand, the letter reads thusly:


I tHoght wE wERE WArBand LiKE FAmily Maybe? But IS clEar, WE ARE not. WE ARE Not 4 four EacH othER, but evEryONE FoR THEmselvEs. WE ARE Not WARBAND and I am A Problem four you

I WIll NO loNGER BotHEr You WILl purRsue Own goALs as REST of GRoup doES HOPE YOu HAppy WITH WIFE.


Somewhat nervous at the potential confrontation, Khuna and Marguerite decide to go to down to the common room. Southie is there, already eating breakfast. Khuna addresses him again, trying to explain that a disagreement does not need to mean that the group is dissolved — just as Southie has things he wants to do, it is perfectly acceptable for others in the group to have goals they wish to accomplish. Southie, however, argues that it seems the group is not committed to the anti-slavery movement, and will go their own separate ways.

After some of this back-and-forth, Croitus, Nobody, and Resh eventually filter into the Addled Alchemist. Nobody sits away from Southie, while the others discuss plans with her. As the conversation becomes more heated between Khuna and Southie, Croitus invites Marguerite to sit with him. Nobody and Resh, having decided to go hunting, decide to go out front and prepare. Southie finally storms out of the Addled Alchemist.

Southie passes Nobody and Resh along the way, and Resh indicates the plan to go hunting, and asks if Southie wishes to join. He declines, retrieves his boar from the stable, and leaves Duchy Jepson through the north gate.

Nobody and Resh leave to go hunting while Khuna decides to search for houses in preparation of returning and living in Duchy Jepson. Croitus decides to accompany her and Marguerite. As the members of the group each performs their respective activities, they see The Pentad ascend into the air, apparently ready to take the refugees back to their residences. There are few unoccupied buildings in Jepson, but in speaking with some of the local builders, she commissions a two-story stone house to be built. Croitus requests a hut to be built on the property, so that he may have a place to stay occasionally; Khuna agrees, and Croitus insists on paying a notable portion of the total purchase price. Marguerite asks about Khuna’s mother, and so Khuna goes to ask Sati what she wishes to do about a house. She is typically nonchalant, and says if she can stay in the Tower for the time being. Perhaps she will save her money and purchase a house of her own?

With their course of action set, Croitus, Khuna, and Marguerite pay masons to begin construction, which they estimate to take around two months. The hut should only take a day or two to finish. They are welcome to avail themselves of the inn in the interim.

After Croitus takes his leave, Khuna asks if Marguerite wishes to be married — if such a thing is possible, given her current marital status. She says that this is a somewhat sudden development, although she has considered it. She is not entirely confident in her ability to settle into the domestic life after spending her whole life in the aristocracy, but as Khuna notes, she managed an entire household. Just the two of them should be relatively simple in comparison. After some consideration, Marguerite agrees.

Khuna and Marguerite ask around and are directed to Abbot Aelius, a priest of Pelor, currently in the vicinity of the Wizard’s Tower. They find him, and Khuna explains that they wish to be married, although Marguerite is technically already married to another. The marriage, however, is almost assuredly done. Abbot Aelius says that something can likely be done regarding the matter. He asks if there are any particulars to the ceremony, and Khuna indicates she just wants it done simply, in one of the nearby fields. She does request fire be incorporated into the ceremony, as per the traditions in her homeland of Nadhi. Aelius agrees, and they agree to meet in three hours for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Nobody and Resh scour the surrounding fields and woods and manage to return with two large boar that they suspect will provide good feasting that night.

Southie, for his part, begins heading to the Black Moor to the north…



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