Warforged are humanoids made rather than born. Composed primarily of iron, stone, and wood, they were made in large numbers by Sorrowfell artificers during the Cackledread War to fight the seemingly limitless armies of the gnolls. Since that time, they have become a notable race in their own right, and many of them are trying to find their way in the world.

The tradition of the warforged goes back to shortly after the Dawn War, when the dwarves were enslaved by the giants. The giants experimented with primitive designs to create golems and summon elementals, but the skilled craftsmen among the dwarves managed to improve the designs to create the first Creation Forges. Only a few warforged were created, although some of the warforged were crafted in secret and aided the dwarves in escaping their durance.

Many years later, during the human empire of Bael Turath, a few of their mystics experimented with ancient dwarven designs they managed to uncover, although the war between Bael Turath and Arkhosia came to a head before the Turathi artificers could make use of their new creation. The Turathi Creation Forges were either destroyed or lost.

It was only in recent days that the ancient dwarven designs were rediscovered and utilized to create additional manpower for the war effort. Although the forges are no longer in use, and supposedly dismantled, the warforged continue to make their way as a people adrift, a people attempting to find purpose.


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