The Jolly Dancing Headsman's Axe of Voivodja

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The Jolly Dancing Headsman’s Axe of Voivodja is a large, two-handed executioner’s axe with a heart-shaped blade. White and red ribbons are wrapped diagonally around the haft in the fashion of a barber’s pole.

The Axe originates from the near-mythical land of Voivodja, evidently either leagues removed from the Sorrowfell Plains or “through the looking-glass,” whatever that means. Whatever its pedigree, the Axe somehow made its way to the Heart of Scandshar, to rest in the vault until it was “liberated” by Southie.

According to the legends, the Axe is used by one of the Heart Queen’s executioners, and is so thrilled at the prospect of killing that it will leap out of its owner’s hands and chop of its own volition. Southie has confirmed that, with the proper activation, the Axe can be thrown and controlled at a distance. In this regard, it acts as a dancing weapon.

The Jolly Dancing Headsman's Axe of Voivodja

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