The Heart of Scandshar

The Heart of Scandshar is a nightclub in the upper-class district of Scandshar. It is owned and operated by businesswoman and urban shaman Torili Two-Spirit.

In addition to a nightclub, Torili also hosts frequent primero games in the basement. This leads to the secondary purpose of the Heart of Scandshar — its vault. Winnings from the primero games are kept in the vault, which is heavily-defended.

Strangely, somebody broke into the vault early in the morning on Earthday, Harvester 6, apparently scattering the defenders and disintegrating the vault door.

Doubly strange, because when Ashraf, Croitus, Khuna, Nobody, Resh, and Southie breached the vault about a week later, it was just about full.

The Heart of Scandshar

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