(Image Source: http://balmung6.deviantart.com/art/Wicked-Dagger-132202229)

Godsbane. The Doom of Divinity. Godenschemering is a legendary artifact in the Sorrowfell Plains, known as a weapon forged by the primordials to fight the gods turning the Dawn War. The war ended before it was used, but according to legend, the gods could not destroy it and did not trust it to be held too close to themselves or their enemies. So, they hid it somewhere in the world — nestled somewhere in the forests, or the mountains, or the seas. The legends, understandably, are vague on the dagger’s whereabouts.

According to the legends, the dagger is sapient, and seeks the destruction of all deities. No doubt the dagger strains against its prison, wanting to be found and used.

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