Freedom Unlimited, Limited

When Croitus, Dhavita, Nobody, and Resh left for Vonseloth, Southie followed the advice of a mysterious tiefling and visited the Terrible Old Man. In the aftermath of that meeting, he decided to found a corporation — Freedom Unlimited, Ltd. — as an organization for his abolitionist and deicidal activities.

Astute observers will note Freedom Unlimited, Ltd. has no legal authority nor any insurance, but that certainly does not stop Southie from trying to find investors.


President: Southie
Head of Human Resources: Manny
Head of Research & Development: Quithyra


Resh: Shares 100,001 – 100,100
Croitus: Share 100,101
Yavanna: Shares 100,102 – 100,301

Freedom Unlimited, Limited

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