Originally hailing from Nadhi, Sati is Dhavita’s mother. She raised her daughter alone in a small cottage just outside the nearest village. A skilled physician and herbalist, Sati taught Dhavita most of what she knows about these skills.

Like Dhavita, Sati is considered a member of the Shudra caste in Nadhi’s caste system, although the two of them are considered witches by the populace and nearly treated as being Untouchable. (Dhavita does not know much about it, but it is entirely possible that it has something to do with her vampiric father. Or perhaps Sati’s advanced medical knowledge brands them as outsiders. It is hard to say.) Of course, that hardly stopped villagers from quietly visiting Sati to treat their ailments.

When the slavers came, the villagers betrayed the two physicians, allowing them to be taken. Traveling by ship to the Sorrowfell Plains, they were eventually sold to Lord Weogora by way of the Scandshar slave market.

Sati and her daughter served Lord and Lady Weogora for many years before Lady Weogora’s dalliance with Dhavita came to the fore. Sati and Dhavita were separated when Lord Weogora sent the latter to the gladiator pits as punishment, but were reunited when Dhavita came to Dawnslight to find Lady Weogora.

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