Raktrishi Shyamal Khundhury


Shyamal Khundhury’s background is unknown. What is known is that he is someone of Lazghul the Lich-Lord’s acquaintance, at least forty years ago. He claims Dhavita bears a strong resemblance to the man.

Additionally, Shyamal Khundhury is apparently a Raktrishi. Nadhi operates under a caste system, whereby people are born into a caste and (with few exceptions) stay in that caste until death. The highest caste is the Brahmin — priests and kings. The near-legendary enlightened masters of the Brahmin are the Raktrishi.

If Dhavita is somehow related to Shyamal, that means she similarly ought to be Brahmin, if not Raktrishi herself.

Raktrishi Shyamal Khundhury

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