Chronicles of Khaldun: Bread and Circuses

Session 39

Godsday, Patchwall 11, 552 CY (50 AN)

The next morning, Croitus, Dhavita, Marguerite, Resh, Southie, and Thava awaken. Dhavita recalls vaguely dreaming of the Scandshar military patrols between here and Duchy Jepson, and informs the others. Croitus empties his canopic jars and builds a pyre for animated corpses therein; he says he is on a new path now. Margot apologizes to Dhavita for her behavior in the Shadowfell, explaining that she was just overcome with a terrible despair that she could barely even articulate.

After discussion, the group decides to head east to Dawnslight to find what they can about Kiris Dahn, and possibly head there in search of a teleportation circle to return to Duchy Jepson.

It is early afternoon on Earthday, Patchwall 13, when the travelers arrive outside Dawnslight. Noting the very real possibility that they could be recognized, particularly since some of Marguerite’s former slaves might still be in residence, the group decides to camp outside town while Croitus, wearing his hat of disguise, and Thava enter the village.

They arrive without incident and decide to look around briefly before having a bit to eat and drink at the local tavern. Everything seems normal, although Croitus thinks he spies some residents who appear as though they may have been former House Weogora slaves. Thava asks about Kiris Dahn, and the barkeep explains that an adventuring party known as the Platinum Claws — an adventuring party dedicated to Bahamut — cleared out the goblins from Kiris Dahn some months ago. Since that time, merchants have been there surveying and trying to rebuild the abandoned town.

After a bit, Croitus and Thava leave the town, bringing food and ale for the others and relaying the information they learned. The group discusses the possibility of using Kiris Dahn as a base of operations before deciding to go investigate and potentially use whatever teleportation circles remain. The group rests, planning to journey in the morning.

That night during his watch, Croitus summons a spirit, the ghost of a Kiris Dahn town guard named Leeke Whitetall. He asks if there is an active teleportation circle in Kiris Dahn, and Leeke agrees to reveal this information if Croitus will undertake a quest — find his wedding ring, left in Kiris Dahn and stolen by goblins, and return it to his wife, Naldda. He also requires that Croitus will not suffer any evil creatures he encounters. Croitus agrees to the terms, and Leeke indicates there is a teleportation circle. He will ensure Croitus has the information he needs to complete both tasks.

The next morning, Freeday, Patchwall 14, the group awakens, and Dhavita notices a glowing symbol on Croitus’ chest. He indicates it is a tattoo representing his pact with the spirits; it appears on his chest as Croitus but is hidden when he is in disguise, although Dhavita always sees it as a glowing sigil. The group disembarks for Kiris Dahn, which they expect to take about three days. That evening, Resh notices goblin tracks. As per Croitus’ taboo, they must hunt the creatures down. After tracking them for a couple of hours, they find the goblins’s camp. Their leader appears to be some manner of shaman.

Croitus and Southie rush out of the shadows into the light of the campfire, trying to scatter the guardians and kill the shaman. Resh fires arrows at the shaman while Thava covers the group with her magics; Dhavita provides support. After being wounded by an arrow, Croitus and Southie kill the shaman, although before he dies he manages to fire some orb of acid at Southie, who is forced to remove his armor lest he is covered in acid burns. While Southie fumbles with his armor, the former gladiators make short work of the rest of the goblins.

Once that is done and the campsite has been searched — the shaman carried a clay pot stuffed with coins — the group moves away from the carnage to camp for the night.

The next day, they again set out for Kiris Dahn, finally arriving in late afternoon on Sunday, Patchwall 16. Several bored mercenaries playing cards guard the rickety gate. They ask for the travelers’ business, whereupon Dhavita explains they hope to barter with the merchants to find their way home, and the mercenaries explain that the merchants are headquartered in the Kiris Estate at the opposite end of town. Dhavita thanks them, and the group enters the city.



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