Chronicles of Khaldun: Bread and Circuses

Session 36

Freeday, Patchwall 7, 552 CY (50 AN)

Dhavita throws her arm across Margot and starts ushering her out of the building, chased by the maddened Zafira. She manages to avoid the knife, and as she exits the building, Resh grabs Zafira. His translucent hand passes through her, but it seems to do something as she howls and her own form grows more translucent and ragged. Croitus, having made his way back to the inn (but not before asking the Dead Man the location of the Crux of Eternity), casts some spell to knock her to the ground, and before Southie or Thava or even Osvanpyw can intercede, the mercenaries make short work of her. Zafira howls and her spirit dissipates.

The excitement over, Dhavita tries to comfort Marguerite and calm her while the group discusses potential options for leaving the Shadowfell. They decide that trying to search for a shadow crossing between the Shadowfell and the world, or trying to cut a deal with some settlement leader or temple priest seems like a roundabout path.

Instead, they decide to journey to Letherna, to deal with the Raven Queen. After all, she probably wants them out of her domain as much as they want to leave. It certainly seems the most efficient arrangement.

They march along the road, and as night falls — such as it is in this strange, twilit place — they camp. As Osvanpyw, Resh, and the mercenaries do not need to sleep, they keep watch.

That night, Dhavita dreams of a merchant caravan of elves trying to fix their carts. Her group approaches and offers to help, but only she apparently notices that the elves do not breathe, and their eyeteeth are too long, and they look upon the travelers with lean and hungry looks.

The next morning, they awaken and breakfast. Dhavita tells the others of her dream. Osvanpyw quietly notes to Dhavita and Thava that he researched these mercenaries before he tracked them, and many of them had families and seemed like normal people. But the lands of the dead change things, and in the past several months, he has known them to be lazy and cruel. Just so that everyone keeps it in mind. Dhavita and Thava quietly inform the others; Dhavita makes certain that Southie in particular knows that he may have to murder his own mercenaries.

The group marches to Letherna. When Resh scouts ahead and spots a caravan of elves, the group decides to leave the path and skirt around them. Picking their way through the badlands, they come across a robed figure sitting next to a campfire. They similarly decide to avoid this entity, moving further into the badlands before camping for the night.

Wolves howl throughout the night, but do not approach within the firelight. Although many of the group catch sight of glowing red eyes throughout the night. Dhavita has dreams of nameless fear and dread, although it is more of the Shadowfell in general than the prospect of visiting the Raven Queen.

The next morning the group continues its march. Returning to the path, they across a group of pilgrims marching in the same direction. Peasants, they defer to the obviously important travelers. As they pass, one of the mercenaries strikes one of the peasants and suggests he remember his place.

They continue to walk until they are confronted by a pack of wolves in the road — fur so dark that they appear as great, wolf-like shadows, and glowing red eyes. The alpha speaks with a gutteral, growling voice, and indicates that they march to Letherna. He asks if they come in peace, referring to Croitus, and after some discussion, he indicates he means no harm, he only wishes to negotiate.

Expectantly, the alpha asks Southie the same question.



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